Modern Design

Designs that work perfectly in the Digital World and adapt to the different types of screens of cell phones, tablets and Desktop.

High quality

We use the most advanced programming and web animation techniques to obtain a better presentation quality.

Business Directory is a Directory where we can expose your business, promote it in networks and link your personal vCard.


Our platforms are programmed to be updated in a simple and fast way using texts, graphics or video links.

Our Digital Branding Options in the Palm of your Hand

vCard for Business

with 10 or more Users/Employees
$50 / yr for vCard
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Constantly Updated

The information in your vCard can be updated at any time.

Connect and Share

vCard is a powerful marketing network tool to promote, share and build business relationships.

It Follows You Anywhere

You will never again forget your business cards at home. Your vCard will always be in the palm of your hand, ready for sharing anytime, anywhere with colleagues or prospect clients.

It's Your Marketing Brochure

Introduce yourself in an powerful visual way, where all the information of your services is in one place with added Texts, Graphics, Photos and Videos.

It's Your Resume

Add your personal information interactively, including your education, experience, video presentation, professional portfolio, achievements and more.

Capture Contacts

With a contact form to receive immediate messages, keeping in your personal email every new prospect.

Professional Great First Impression

First impressions are very important. Using a professional presentation is key in today’s business world.

vCard Statistics

Learn the impact of your vCard, knowing how many times it has been seen will help you understand the positive impact of your personal brand growth.

vCard is a Virtual, Digital and Modern Presentation Card

Your vCard is a:

  • Personal Card, Business Card, Resume, Marketing Brochure, etc.

vCard Features:

  • Link for your contacts to make a direct call to your phone number.

  • Easy Downloading of your Contact Information

  • Many ways to share it Easy to upload: Images, Photos, Videos, Texts

  • Direct contact to your Email

  • Form for sending an immediate message to your Email

  • Custom URL

  • QR Code link to your URL